silver is back in town

gray can be spelled gray or grey

depending on which vowel you prefer.

gray is between black and white

gray is silver without a shine

silver is back in town

gold is for masculine energy

everyone sold their gold

you’re supposed to get pull-outs

remolded at least once a year

silver is back in town

gold prices aren’t the same

the yellow brick road to emerald city

in 1933 ended up behind just a man

behind the curtain

silver is back in town

on bey it is worn on the throat

silver is feminine energy

silver goes well with the moon

and the lunar new year

silver is back in town



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flat / out

Dawn Dickson is great friend, brilliant woman, beautiful mother, hard-working business mogul. She invented flat shoes that you can roll into a pocket sized bundle, the perfect solution for sore feet in heels. Don’t let the soles of your feet touch dirty floors! These are super comfortable and convenient while still having a stylish look. The shoes dispense in vending machines from Atlanta Airport to Club LIV in Miami. Please take a second to vote for her invention here, there’s only 8 hours left, it only takes a moment.